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Gober Gas Geyser

Category          :  Energy  (Products )

Brand Name    :  SUN RAY

Specifications  :  It is an usual L.P.G. Gas Geyser which is available in the open market & suitably converted into Gober Gas Geyser. Except cleaning of carbon blockage, there is no maintenance at all.

Detailed Description  :  Switch ‘ON ’you get hot water when you need & as much as you want. This system can be fixed at a distance of 350- 400 ft. from Gober Gas Plant. 12 ltr.of hot water from 3cft Gober Gas. From 140 cft Gober plant 10 lts.of hot water in about 5 minutes. In about 5 minutes from bigger than 140 cft Gober plant 15 Lts of hot water can be derived. The life is more than 5 years . As there is no electronics it need not require any repairs. Even an electronic based Gas Geyser can also be developed which works out be costlier than this model.

Brief Description      :  No electricity, No LPG Cylinder, No Kerosine, No Fire wood, No smoke, No more Eye problems. EASY WAY TO GET HOT WATER FOR RURAL PUBLIC.

Production Unit         :  No’s

Payment Terms           : Cash or Cheque