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Visitors Opinion :

1.S.D Ukkali, Ombudbman former KERC member, Bangalore It provides solution to all most all types of

applications of energy from the sun. He has taken care of all categories of loads.

2.This is unique and wonderful museum. It is not past, it is present & future energy museum C.U Bellakki,

Asst Station Director, All India Radio, Dharwad.

3.The Museum is worth visiting & Amazing. Every one should visit, Mr. Javali, President L.E.M school, Hubli.

4.Using Renewable energy in different walks of life is the message of the museum, Prof. V.S Jagadeesh, SJM

Institute of Technology, Chitradurga.

5.Visit the Museum to get inspired not only about solar energy but to see how one dedicated entrepreneur can

make a different in peoples living. Prof. Ajit Kolar, IIT, Madras.

6.This Museum is really an eye opener with new innovations. The vision of serving the society through the

unlimited power is appreciable. P.S Mohanan, DGM, NABARD, Bangalore.

7. I got educated by this Sun Ray Solar Museum. Dr. Ishwar Bhat, Mangalore University.

8. An innovative museum, very much information & very good programmes for creating awareness.

Anupama V. Khorjuvekar, Goa Energy Dev. Agency, Goa.

9. I have contact with many solar companies but this museum is different in all respects. K. Shivashankar,

Sr. Manager, Syndicate Bank.

10.The Visit to the Sun Ray Solar Museum has really been an educative experience. The cheer variety of the

products available depicts the potentiality of Solar energy as a source of energy. M.S . Shreekar, D. C, Dharwad.

11. An amazing collection of all Solar equipments. M.R. Kubasad, Admn officer, LIC of India, Dharwad

12.“ಸೋಲಾರ ಇಂಧನ ಬಳಕೆ ವಿವಿಧ ರೂಪಗಳನ್ನು ನೋಡಿ ಸ್ಂತೋಷ್ವಾಯಿತು” ..

Sri. K.S Eshwarappa, Hon. Energy Minister Govt. of Karnataka.

13. I am highly impressed by the noble work. Dr.R.K.Dumwad, Ex. BARC, Scientist, Mumbai.

14. I felt like that I have visited the small version of Solar Energy centre at Gurgoan. It is excellent. Ramesh. Nagar,

DGM, KREDL, Bangalore.

15. It is excellent exhibition centre for the development of the Renewable Energy & Pray God to fulfill his desire to

establish the college of Renewables. V.P Hiremath, M.D, KREDL, Bangalore.

16. It is a practical demonstration to explore the Renewable Energy source. This museum gives awareness as well

as confidence about Renewable Energy equipments Dr. H. Nagangouda, AGM, KREDL, Bangalore.