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Vijayanagar, Hubli, Karnataka has developed an innovative & first of its kind Solar Water Heating System.
The Drawback of conventional system is not there in
this new system.

1.WITH OR WITHOUT OVERHEAD TANK: No separate overhead tank is required, by that the end user can save 7 - 8 thousand Rupees directly you can pump the water to overhead tank as well as to Solar Tank. If already elevated tank is available then also new system can be connected.

 2. Sun Ray Solar Water Heaters: are provided with an Axillary Tank to minimize
Mixing of hot & cold water. In conventional system there is mixing problem.

3. NO AIR VENT: Conventional systems requires an Air vent up to the height of
cold overhead tank & due to monkeys and high wind velocity. It oscillates the
GI air vent would cause breakages and start leakages in the tank. There are
Chances of fall due to wind etc. A mall Air vent is provided in our new system.

4. PRESSURISED SYSTEM: A separate pressurized system is advised in conventional systems. But this system can be connected to any overhead tank
of any capacity, especially for Flats, Hostels, Hotels, etc.

5. Stainless Steel tank: Non-welded / machine folding tank & can be used for any hard water.

6. NON WELDED PIPES INSIDE THE TANK: Inlet, outlet & small Air vent are
Inserted through Silicon Washers and there is no welding of pipes.

7. Cost Effective & customer friendly as there is provision for Drain out also.

More than 50 systems are installed to customers in around HUBLI &
DHARWAD and are working satisfactorily.

For more information contact The Director, SUN RAY SOLAR MUSEUM (R)
59/A, 7th Cross, Vijayanagar, Hubli - 580 032, INDIA. Cell : 098442 01703,
Ph.: 0836 - 2252312,