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Solar Drier

Category                   :         Energy  (Products )

Brand Name              :        Sun Ray

Specifications           :        This devices uses solar thermal energy to dry various products such as            
                                            grapes,  coccum , fish, chilly, Tea Leafs, etc.

Detailed Description :        Working

1. The moist 1. The box is heated due to the solar heat collected and stored in the insulated box.
2. The heated air evaporates the moisture from the products, which escapes through the perforations, at the top. 4. The constant circulation of the heated air accelerates the drying of the products. Contents of the raw materials to be dried.

Brief Description       :
1. An insulated `wooden / metal’ box with a corrugated black heat Collector plate and a glass cover.
2. A rack of aluminum to keep the products to be dried.

Production Unit         : Piece

Payment Terms   : Cash or Cheque