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Category                       :  Energy  (Products )

Brand Name                 :  Sun Ray

Specifications              : Total Head :50 ft ( Suction 25 ft. and delivery 25 ft.) Discharge of water        
                                     :60,000 / 70,000 litters per day / 1,20,000/1,40,000 liters per day.

Detailed Description   :
 1. It operates on the freely available solar energy. Thus saves expenditure on diesel and  electricity.
 2. It is trouble free, pollution free has a long life and is reliable.
 3. Unlike a diesel pump-set, it doesn't produce noise and pollution.
 4. The cost of operation and maintenance is negligible.
 5. A farmer can irrigate the lands during the sunny hours. Module :900WP / 1800 WP PV  Array.        Motor :900 Watts / 1800 Watts DC Surface. Mounted centrifugal pump.

Brief Description       : A solar pumping system is a device to lift the water from well or bore well to   
irrigate the lands. This system consists of Solar Panels with tilting option & a DC motor.

Production Unit          :  No’s

Payment Terms           :  Cash or Cheque