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Category           :   Energy  (Products ) 

Brand Name     :   SUN RAY 

Specifications    :  Components  
 1. TA shallow fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) basin, painted black on the inside.
 2. A vicar with an arrangement to collect the condensed water.
 3. A storage tank.

Detailed Description : Working:
 1. Saline water/ Cow urine, stored in the FRP basin, is heated due to the solar heat absorbed by the black surface of the basin.
 2. The heated water evaporated & condensed on the inner side of the glass cover and flows through the condensate collection channel into a storage tank.
 3. One solar still module can produce up to 2.5 liter/day of hot distilled water / cow urine (Arka-used as Medicine). A large number of stills can be inter connected to cater to large requirements. 4. There is a demand for Arka which can be sold as medicine. The market price is up to Rs.120/- per liter.
Brief Description   :
This is a device working on the principal of evaporation and condensation of water due to the heat generated by solar thermal radiation.
Production Unit  : No’s 

Payment Terms   :  CASH