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The community cooker consists of three key components :

                The primary reflector is a 9.5 square meter parabolic dish fitted with a ET of acrylic mirrors or glass mirrors.
They  reflect and  concentrate the sunlight falling on the dish on to the secondary reflector placed below the cooking vessel inside the kitchen.

·   The concentrated light is then deflected off the  secondary reflector onto the blackened cooking vessel.
·    Temperature of the  concentrated  sunlight at the focus can reach up to 450 deg c.
·     This can cook for 8-10 persons daily.
·   The primary reflector only needs to be  reset once every morning and it automatically tracks the    sun’s movement throughout the day
·     Enables even making chapattis and dosas.
·     Enables baking  bread, biscuits, cakes and pizzas.
·     Approx Capacity : 2000W.