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The  ideal blend of the cleanest and everlasting of  natural energy, Solar PV-Wind Hybrid Power Packs are the best  alternative to beat low quality, unpredictable  and high cost  power from some  of the utilities. Powered by solar and wind energies, Solar PV-Wind Hybrid Power Packs are abundantly available and  completely pollution free.

During daytime, DC power generated by the Solar PV Array is stored in the battery bank. Solar Charge Controller is used to prevent overcharge and deep discharge of battery bank. Wind Generator starts generating power when wind speed exceeds the cut in speed of the Wind Turbine. Output from Wind Battery Charge is also used to charge the battery bank using Wind Charge Controller.  Electrical loads through an inverter, which converts DC Power into AC Power, draw energy stored in the Battery. Wind generator can also  generate energy during  nighttime.