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 Every day, we at Solar tube International challenge ourselves to find an affordable way to bring daylight into dark spaces where natural light had rarely been an option.
                   The Tubular Day lighting Device (TDD) is made of  reflective material that absorbs a maximum amount of sunlight from your home’s rooftop and carries it through a tube into whichever area of the house needs the added daylight. The idea behind the TDD is to eliminate the need to turn on any electric lights during the daytime hours.
                 Solar tube claims that their device is so easy to install that a professional can do it in two hours and the average homeowner can accomplish it in a day as installation requires no structural re framing, tunneling, drywall, or painting.
                 Because the TDD can eliminate the need for electrical lighting during the day, Solar tube considers this to be a “green” product. Not only will you save a little on your energy bills, but exposure to an increased amount of natural sunlight boosts your own energy and increases your mental acuity.